Remembering the Yazidi Genocide in Sinjar
(Duhok, 3 August 2018) Four years after the genocide of Yazidi people in the Sinjar/Shingal district of northern Iraq, hundreds of thousands of Yazidis are still displaced in camps in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. An estimated 100,000 fled to neighbouring countries and beyond in search of safety and a new beginning, while as many as 3,000 abducted Yazidis are still missing.
JRS MENA Statement, World Refugee Day (20 June 2018)
The Refugee crisis continues to be the most serious issue across the world today. UNHCR has been consistently highlighting the growing number of children, women and men who are forcibly displaced everywhere. Since the outbreak of war in 2011, the Syrian conflict is regarded as the worst humanitarian crisis today, with the largest number of IDPs.
JRS response to Brussels Conference on Syria

Beirut, 26 April 2018- The Jesuit Refugee Service Middle East welcomes the commitments made at the Brussels Conference on Supporting Syria and the Region.

What it takes to run an emergency kitchen in Aleppo

A great article by Cordaid about the courageous work done by the JRS kitchen team in Aleppo.

Middle East: Statement on the situation in Syria today

7 March 2018 – The situation in Syria, particularly in and around Damascus, remains critical. On 24 February the UN Security Council unanimously agreed to a 30-day ceasefire in Syria; however, there have been constant violations of the ceasefire.

Statement on the situation in Syria today
The past weeks have been very difficult times for the people of Syria and particularly for those living in and around Damascus. This is widely regarded as the worst phase of violence since the outbreak of hostilities in March 2011. The constant bombings in areas populated with civilians have resulted in innumerable fatalities and injuries and all-round destruction particularly residences of civilians. The ‘normal’ lives of the people throughout Damascus is affected as never before.
Jordan update
In the midst of a volatile region, Jordan has become an important place of refuge for thousands fleeing the escalating crises in Syria, whilst continuing to host significant numbers of people displaced from Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen, who are increasingly forgotten in the face of emerging crises in the region.  
“Welcoming, Protecting, Promoting and
Integrating Migrants and Refugees”

Accompanying Refugees in Amman
Yousif from Sudan is one of thousands of refugees who lives in Amman, the capital of Jordan. Like so many forcibly displaced people, he fled his country for the apparent safety, security, and opportunities offered by a big city like Amman. Yousif is in the prime of his youth: he wants a better life and a better future; however, each day he is confronted with the realities and challenges of being a refugee in a foreign land.
Happy Christmas! Happy New Year!

Recent stories
Our commitment to welcome refugees
Beirut, 13 November 2017 - A statement from the Regional Director Fr Nawras Sammour SJ in commemoratin of the 37th anniversary of the foundation of the Jesuit Refugee Service (14th November.)
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Accompanying the Yazidis
April 19th was New Year Day for the Yazidis. It was a joy to meet with some of them in Sarsink in the Dohuk District of Iraq on that day, to greet them with a “Jajna ta Piroz” Each family had a tray laden with several bowls filled with cookies, boiled eggs (with their shells colourfully painted), candies and fruits (and for good measure, a packet of cigarettes too!). They happily shared these, with some soft drinks, to those who visited them.
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Determined Zozan

is a steely determination in Zozan. As one listens to this 25-year old woman,
one cannot but feel that she will go places. In a very casual way, she shares
what she would like to do most in life: to learn new languages and to travel to
distant lands.

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Abouna Frans’ spirit lives on!”

Fr. Frans Van Der Lugt was someone special: he was a complete human being. He was warm and compassionate to all; to the youth, he was an inspirer and motivator, who never tired of long walks; to the elderly, he was a friend and mentor; little children loved to cling to his long legs; for Muslims and Christians, he was a bridge-builder, a person who could draw the best out of them; for the spiritually weak and lost, he was a source of strength and a patient listener. He was a true shepherd, always in the midst of his sheep, who smelled of them.

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Remarkable Randa!
There is something remarkable
about Randa! This courageous woman has braved all odds; over the years, she has
seen and experienced hunger and deprivation; bombardments and suffering;
destruction and death. Randa however, is not one to be defeated. 
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Row on Roula!
“I want to do everything,” says Roula coyly but with a sense of determination. The ‘everything’ seems to be the mission statement of the life of this vibrant fourteen-year-old girl.
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Iraq: Hairdressing offers hope

Erbil, 1 April 2017 - Avin has turned her back on the hate and violence, which she and her family have had to experience for a good part of the war in Syria since 2011.  Avin was born and brought up in a Kurdish town of Qamishlo in north –east Syria, not far from the Turkish border. These past years have been very difficult for the inhabitants of the town.

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Jordan: Dreaming a future in a foreign land

Amman, 28 March 2017 - Al Marekh is a suburb of Amman in Jordan. Today it is home to several refugees from Palestine, Iraq, and Syria. Rentals for accommodation are not as high here as in the central areas of the city, but they keep escalating every year.

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Lebanon: Finding home in a new place

Jbeil, 27 March 2017 – Nada and Zakiya, two teenage Syrian refugee girls, share their stories of flight and finding a new home in Lebanon.

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Jordan: A ray of hope

Al-Hussein, 24 March 2017 - ‘Aisha’ is a special name in the Arab world and has a range of meanings from ‘she who lives’ to ‘philosophical one’. When Aisha was born eighteen years ago in Homs in Syria, she was a gift to her parents. As she grew up, she had dreams and hopes for a good education, a happy family, and a comfortable and prosperous life.

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