Statement on the situation in Syria today
16 February 2018

The past weeks have been very difficult times for the people of Syria and particularly for those living in and around Damascus. This is widely regarded as the worst phase of violence since the outbreak of hostilities in March 2011. The constant bombings in areas populated with civilians have resulted in innumerable fatalities and injuries and all-round destruction particularly residences of civilians. The ‘normal’ lives of the people throughout Damascus is affected as never before.

The regular activities of JRS Syria are naturally very badly affected too. Our project areas in Jaramana, Dwelaa and Bab Touma were hit by mortar shells (though they did not hit any of the people we work with or our Project Centres). The constant attacks has also meant that some of our colleagues, for their own safety, have had to temporarily go back to their homes in safer areas of the country. Many of the people and children we work with are still under shock having been witnesses to bloody attacks in their neighbourhoods. The fact that JRS had to temporarily suspend some of their activities, have added to the woes of the children and the people. The grim reality has put an added responsibility on all the JRS staff: to respond not only to the physical safety of all, but also for their psychological well-being.

JRS Syria like the people around, today live in a cloud of uncertainty. We really do not know, at this juncture, where and when the next bomb will fall or for that matter, if and when there will be a cessation of hostilities. We remain however, committed in our resolve to serve our people, fully aware of the risks this entails. 

Fr Nawras Sammour SJ 

Regional Director 


                                                                                                                                                  16 February 2018

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